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  1. 1. Overview
  2. 2. Section 95 asylum support
  3. 3. Section 4 asylum support
  4. 4. Schedule 10 immigration bail support


The Home Office provides support to destitute asylum seekers, and in some cases, appeal rights exhausted (ARE) asylum seekers. Two types of asylum support are available: section 95 and section 4 support.

In the majority of cases, the Home Office will be responsible for providing support to people who have claimed asylum. Instances when asylum seekers and ARE asylum seekers may be provided with accommodation and financial support by social services instead of the Home Office are outlined in our information on social services’ support for families, and social services’ support for adults.

Home Office support is also available to people who are subject to immigration bail and who are destitute, either on their release from detention or whilst they are living in the community. This is usually referred to as ‘Schedule 10’ support.