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  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. What is covered by legal aid
  3. 3. Immigration and asylum cases
  4. 4. Exceptional case funding

Exceptional case funding

When a person’s case is not covered by legal aid then it still may be possible to apply to the Legal Aid Agency for exceptional case funding if the person’s human rights would be breached if they did not have legal aid.

The person must demonstrate that:

  • Legal aid is not ordinarily available for their case
  • Their case is strong
  • They are financially eligible for legal aid
  • Legal aid is necessary to prevent their human rights or European Union rights from being breached 
  • Without legal aid it would be practically impossible to bring their case or the proceedings would be unfair

To apply for exceptional funding, form CIV ECF1 must be completed and submitted with a merits and means form to the Legal Aid Agency's Exceptional Funding Case Team. The exceptional case funding form and guidance is available on

Legal representatives generally will not help people to complete this form. The Public Law Project has produced information on exceptional case funding to help people who need to apply.