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Access to legal advice from an immigration adviser is often going to be a key step in helping a person who has no recourse to public funds to avoid or resolve a situation of destitution or homelessness.

It is unlawful for a person to provide immigration advice or services directly to an individual when they are not regulated to do. However, anyone advising non-UK nationals will need to have a good understanding of immigration options and Home Office processes in order to be able to identify when a person needs to be signposted to get legal advice and to support them effectively whilst they are accessing immigration advice. A final outcome on an immigration claim can take a long time to achieve if no or poor legal advice is obtained or if a person is not aware of what options may be available to them.

The immigration information provided in this section sets out some of the options that may be available to a person with no recourse to public funds who is destitute or at risk of homelessness and wishes to remain in the UK or is considering returning to their country of origin. A person should always be signposted to get legal advice from an immigration adviser for advice that is specific to them and for assistance with making an application.

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