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Change of conditions opened up to more people with NRPF

16 Oct 2023

Home Office can use discretion to lift a ‘no recourse to public funds’ condition, regardless of the type of leave a person has.

Public funds list amended

05 Oct 2023

Social Security Scotland benefits added and Social Fund payments clarified.

Illegal Migration Bill: intention, risks, and how to prepare

20 Jul 2023

Illegal Migration Bill passes, with radical changes leaving local authorities and vulnerable people at risk.

Resolutions continue in targeted 1,000-day NRPF case review

19 Jul 2023

Home Office review of long-standing NRPF Connect cases sees positive outcomes with local authority action needed to support ongoing efforts

Essential guidance for adults with no recourse to public funds published and endorsed

20 Mar 2023

Association of Directors of Adult Social Services endorses the NRPF Network’s authoritative guidance for England on assessing and supporting adults who have no recourse to public funds

Setting subsistence rates in a cost-of-living crisis

16 Mar 2023

Key principles, considerations, and approaches for local authorities when determining subsistence rates

Social services’ expenditure on households with no recourse to public funds reaches £64 million per annum

30 Nov 2022

Local authorities using NRPF Connect face continued demand for essential ‘safety-net’ support with European Economic Area (EEA) nationals at greater risk of destitution.

Free childcare extended to all disadvantaged children

30 Sep 2022

Following a recent consultation on early education provision, 15 hours a week free childcare is now available to all disadvantaged two-year-olds in England.

Temporary refugee permission introduced

11 Jul 2022

Group 2 refugees face uncertain immigration journey and future NRPF risks remain unclear.

Fee waiver introduced for children applying for British citizenship

13 Jun 2022

£1,012 fee to be waived if families can demonstrate that they cannot afford this.