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NRPF Connect is the national database for councils to record details of households with no recourse to public funds that are being provided with accommodation and financial support by social services.  

This report is based on an analysis of the collective data provided by 68 councils that were using the database during the financial year 2020-21.  

The data demonstrates that councils in England and Scotland play an essential role in safeguarding the welfare of destitute families, care leavers, and adults with care needs, who are excluded from mainstream benefits due to their immigration status. People who have no recourse to public funds can experience destitution and/or homelessness, and, in many cases, will have complex immigration cases. However, councils are not funded by the UK government to provide accommodation and financial support to people with no recourse to public funds. Effective support provision also requires a specialist response so that people are assisted to achieve a sustainable outcome to their situation of destitution in the UK, which, as the data demonstrates, for many will be by obtaining leave to remain. 

This report presents the headline figures nationally and regionally with an analysis of the trends. Recommendations informed by the data are made for the UK Government, to help reduce this cost pressure on local government, and for councils to help improve service planning.